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1 decade ago by Arantor

Last night while working on a game, a slightly odd problem was reported to me that I think might hit others too.

The scenario was that I had an entity with a sprite sheet of 4 images, idle was frame 0, moving was frames 1-3, and they were arranged as a horizontal strip as you normally do in Impact.

What was reported was that the ship was displaying rotation artefacts when using the in-built rotation support, where it was pulling a line of pixels from the next frame over as part of the rotation calculation.

Only seems to occur in later versions of Firefox; 3.6 doesn't exhibit this behaviour and neither does Chrome (haven't tested anything else), but if you do get this problem, you'll need to pack your frames with an extra pixel of transparency either side (and adjust offset to compensate)

Just in case anyone else gets this :)

9 years ago by capgun

I'm experiencing this problem as well, the 1px padding works great. Was wondering if this issue has been a problem since OP's original post?

9 years ago by Joncom

Maybe provide an example of this happening so we can replicate it on our end too and see what's happening?

Edit: In other words, provide some code.
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