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1 decade ago by MikeL

I came across this interesting post about something called Game Closure:

Game Closure Article

It appears to be in Beta, but "is essentially the gaming version of Heroku and Appcelerator, allows game developers to write a game in pure JavaScript and use standard HTML5 APIs".

Sounds promising. Hopefully it works with Impact!

1 decade ago by Ken

Excellent find. Thanks for sharing. Yeah it looks great. I can't wait until it's available and try it out.

1 decade ago by fugufish

holy crap they've got multiplayer!

1 decade ago by fugufish

hope dominic doesn't jump ship and go work with these guys, lol.

1 decade ago by garyk1968

Quote from fugufish
holy crap they've got multiplayer!

Actually they haven't, well not that I could see. A basic example of using sockets but nothing MP of use.
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