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8 years ago by empika

Hey guys

Just thought you all might like to know about a site I knocked up last weekend. As the title says, it is to help people find interesting game dev and industry articles.
Think of it like a Hacker News for video games, or a real streamline Reddit (without all the noise). Although, as stated in the faq i'd like to keep the content speicifcally interesting, so no news/previews general pr stuff... the name is therefore a bit misleading :s

So please sign up and start posting interesting things and let me know what you think!


8 years ago by Philip

A link would be great :)

8 years ago by empika

ahahahaha, what a muppet I am!
Here you go:

8 years ago by alexandre

Nice idea. Exploring links now. There is link duplication however, as evidenced by the "Valve: How I Got Here, What It’s Like, and What I’m Doing" link. How do you plan on dealing with the added noise?

Actually only spotted one duplicate from amongst the 50.

8 years ago by empika

The voting should help with that. If you see a duplicate, don't vote on it ;) Seems to work ok on reddit and hacker news.
obviously there is still masses of room for improvement, i'll be updating it regularly with new features (when i'm not working on impact stuff that is!)
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