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1 decade ago by axphin

I've been using Photoshop to edit the tiles, but was wondering if anybody was using anything more streamlined for basic editing.

I tried Pixen which seems kind of cool, but it has a few bugs.

1 decade ago by spacehunter

I use Pixelmator and I like it :)

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

I've wanted to use Pixen several times because it has often been recommended for previewing animations. But like you said, it's buggy and doesn't work on OS X, at least the few times I have tried to install it.

1 decade ago by Datamosh

Grafx2 ( is amazing

1 decade ago by axphin

Nice! I used Deluxe Paint 2 in high school. This takes me back.

I also loved PixelPaint for the Mac.

1 decade ago by nickoneill

I've been using Acorn recently for osx. It's a bit different than photoshop which takes some getting used to but I like the simplicity overall.

1 decade ago by paularmstrong

I have used Photoshop for years, but have been looking for a replacement forever.

I'm currently using Pixelmator and enjoying it, but missing some key features from PS that I need for every day work. For game pixel art, however, it's been working really well.

I tried to use Pixen, but just could not get used to some of its quirks.

Acorn looks really neat. If I hadn't already bought Pixelmator, I would probably try to get into using it.

1 decade ago by BFresh

I use Gimp for 99% of what I do and Photoshop for the last 1%. I highly suggest Gimp to anyone since it is free.

Side Note: I make a fair amount of patterns, brushes, etc. that work in both Gimp and Photoshop at . There are some things there like seamless brick patterns that are pretty useful for backgrounds in games!
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