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1 decade ago by SwiftFalcn

Are there any portals accepting JS games yet? I can imagine it will be a little more complex then just hosting a contained .swf.

1 decade ago by dominic

I just know of and they only link to games, but do not host them.

A site like Kongregate for JS games would indeed be great. If only the day had more than 24 hours :)

1 decade ago by MyShuitings

Hmm... hosting the games could be problematic and not quite necessary. What you could do pretty easily would be to create a bit of an API for things like points, awards, badges, etc. and then open the games in an iframe with your ads etc around it/over it to get the revenue necessary.

Does anyone know what Kongregate pays out to the game owner?

I've got the code libraries for all the social aspect of a site like Kongregate... so if we've got any designers in here who'd be up for making a PSD, and at least ten games that we could launch the site with, then I could rip out a site on my vacation here in march. @dominic - focus on the framework, there are those of us who could handle the rest hehehe.

1 decade ago by Imran

I like your idea - particularly the open badge API and the like - maybe we could even have something where people can share their impact entities to be used in other games.

1 decade ago by Ken

I was looking into it and Kongregate does seem to allow for html based games. They have an iframe integration method with a JS api. There is also a game on there that I found called Dream World that is html/js. I'm sure there are others. I sent them a message for more information. But if they do allow them, that is very cool.
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