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1 decade ago by LuckyLionStudios

The royalty-free library has been updated with 5 new tracks, bringing the total to 135.

The new songs:

Unyielding: epic/orchestral
Una in Black: epic/electronic
Bundtling: calm/adventure
Results and Retry: two tracks (win/lose), orchestral style
Level Complete and Game Over: two tracks (win/lose), 8-bit style

1 decade ago by LuckyLionStudios

The library has a slew of new songs now, up to 150 total.

I'm also still available for custom work.

10 years ago by BobMeads

im posting as a placeholder. will need some songs for my game. :)

10 years ago by FelipeBudinich

Your shopping cart is broken, I tried to buy some songs but I wasn't able to.

PS: Seller contacted me through email. They provided me with a solution ;) (it's almost 1 am here, so I'll resume contact tomorrow)

10 years ago by vergilmc

When my friend was making his games he took royality freee music at
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