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1 decade ago by Yu

Any idea why?

1 decade ago by Saacy

coz of security error?

While games written with Impact should work offline, most browsers wont allow them to. These browser deny access to certain functions, due to their faulty same origin policy (a file in file://game/lib/ is not considered to be in the same "domain" as a file in file://game/). Opera is a notable exception to this.

1 decade ago by SwiftFalcn

open your console cmd+opt+i and you should see a helpful error.

1 decade ago by Yu

I think I've done everything correctly, by using MAMP, the game shows up only in Safari, but stucked at 70% in the game's loading bar on Chrome, and appear nothing on Firefox.

1 decade ago by Yu

the console says Uncaught Error: SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18, lib/impact/font.js:80

What does it means?

1 decade ago by dominic

What's the address in your browser's address bar?

It really sounds like you're still starting the demo with a double click on the index.html file. You need to put all the files into your webservers directory and then navigate your browser to http://localhost/

1 decade ago by Yu

thanks for the clarification, I've got it working now!
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