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1 decade ago by techmale


I am looking for a good animated sprite editor.
ie: one that works well with the impactjs tiled graphics.

Anyone got any good suggestions?


1 decade ago by TObe

Check out GraphicsGale

1 decade ago by techmale

That's a nice tool for pixel level editing,
but it still seems to lack the animation viewing I am after.
(please tell, me if I am missing something)

Do you know anything else that will allow me to test the animations without loading them into Impact?

1 decade ago by Jib

Hello guys,

just stumbled upon that

Looks pretty cool + has visualization of animations :)

1 decade ago by techmale

Thanks for that,
another interesting tool.

But it still lacks the ability to show imact style animations.
I suppose I should be more specific.

I am looking for a graphics editing tool, that allows:

Must haves ( in order of importance):
easy pixel level manipulation
grid lines at tile size
(i.e.: must be able to set grid size)
animated sprite demo viewing

Nice to have:
animation editing (saving in impact animated sprite tileset format)
onion skinning

This could easily become a long list of graphics editing tools,
but I have already looked at a lot of them,
and they all fail to meet my specifications.

1 decade ago by jminor

Here are two that I have used. Both support sprite sheets, animation and onion skinning.

Pixen (Mac)

Sprite Something (iOS)

1 decade ago by beave2111

I know this a super old post - but I landed here from Google, and just wanted to say that GraphicsGale ( is exaclty what I was looking for in terms of sprite editing. Although OP's comment says otherwise, it does support previewing animation directly in the editor (Maybe it didn't before?). So far, I am loving this tool and it has saved me lots of time.

1 decade ago by drhayes

You should also try out it has some annoying limitations (16 frames per animation, or something like that), but works pretty well for my purposes.

1 decade ago by StuartTresadern

Also take a look at Promotion
Great tool for Level layout as well.

1 decade ago by city41

aseprite is the best sprite editor I've ever found. You have to have an open mind going into it, as it's very much its own thing. But full animation support, importing frames, exporting as spritesheets, onion skinning, layers, previewing, very good pixel level editing, and much more. All in all a fantastic editor. My only real complaint is the color picker is a bit primitive.
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