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1 decade ago by TylerAppmobi

I saw this posted on twitter and thought it really interesting. You may also :D

posted by @kirbysayshi

1 decade ago by empika

Pretty neat!

1 decade ago by James

Very cool - are you guys going to make this available to Impact Users?

1 decade ago by Jxyzzy

We are in the process of building a huge platform level series. Would be great to learn more about what you are doing with this. Thx

1 decade ago by TylerAppmobi

Unfortunately I just found this video on twitter and didn't actually work on the project. I don't think the creator is on the forums.

To ask questions about how this was done and such you could tweet to him @kirbysayshi

1 decade ago by KirbySaysHi

So, I was searching the forums for responses to threads, and happened to find this one... a year later!

If anyone has questions, just let me know. As @TylerAppmobi said, I'm also on twitter @kirbysayshi.
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