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1 decade ago by sleenee

There are so many reasons out there why you would feel attracted to making a game: - -- For the fun of making games
- Because you like prohramming
- Because you had a great idea
- Because you thought you would do it better then them lazy producers who always just get it "almost" right ;)
- To start a career at it later
- For making money with it

For me personally it is because is a mixture of things. I like programming and I like games so it's a joy to see your own concepts realised. I also had an idea in my head that I never saw in another game and wanted to build it myself. Those were my biggest motivations to start shipping away at this I guess.

What was it for you guys? Why did you decide you should start building a game?

1 decade ago by fugufish

it's a lot of fun

1 decade ago by sdwrage

I have been a web developer for over 12 years but got into programming because I wanted to develop games starting with C++. I decided to go the web dev route to pay bills but eventually realized I needed a creative outlet beyond a few cool JQuery effects on a form.

Coding for a game is like painting on a canvas. It is an art, a form of expression and a way to share with the world a piece of yourself. This is why I started and even if I don't make enough to get me a new house, or even really break even on my bills, I will still continue doing it.

1 decade ago by lazer

The specific purpose of the first game I made was to be a gift for someone. In general, I like making games because I think I have good ideas, but ideas are worthless without the execution so you have to become a bit of a jack/jill of all trades in many cases, until you land a job at a place where you can specialize.

1 decade ago by Heartless49

I got into game programming after playing a few RPGs when I was younger, most-notably anything from Squaresoft... before they merged with ENIX. That and Zelda games. For some reason I just got caught into the whole RPG element and fantasy environments, and since I was raised as an artistic person, I've always thought that I could create games/stories/worlds to rival those that I was playing.

Got into it when I was 12, and haven't stopped making games since. It's just a hobby, but I really do hope to turn it into something more.

I don't ONLY make RPGs though, I have made a few platformers, rts's, and even FPSs (thank you Unity3D, for making it so simple, lol)

However, out of all of the engines that I've used, I am most impressed with Impact/HTML5. Being a web-designer, I've worked with HTML5 and Canvases already, but to find a game engine BASED on those elements, absolutely blew my mind. I actually bought the engine before I really looked into it, JUST because I saw that it was HTML5 driven, and I had so much faith in HTML5, I knew that Impact HAD to be good, ^^

For that, I thank you Dominic, ^^

1 decade ago by mimik

because i can.
I like motion.
I like painting
I like digital art.
I like to write code.
I like to make music.
And i like to play games.

And i wan't to share experiences, art, music, words, storys with you.
And i have a burning lust to use my creative flow.
I love to create and it's who I'am.

1 decade ago by fugufish

it'a a fun-profit cycle. Maintaining is hard but very rewarding.
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