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1 decade ago by Ludei

Hey guys!

For those of you interested in getting your awesome Impact game on Android/iOS you can do it for FREE with CocoonJS. In fact, the Android version of the biolab disaster game by Dominic was deployed using CocoonJS (

In case some of you don't know about our CocoonJS platform, it allows anybody to easily deploy, accelerate, and monetize HTML5 games to iOS/Android. So how do you do this?

Two easy steps:
1) We have a CocoonJS launcher app (available on Google Play,still pending for iOS )that allows you to test your Impact game directly on the device by simply uploading a zip folder(No SDK) . It also has a mobile debugger :)

2) We will soon enough come out with a Cloud compilation system that will allow anyone, for free, to package their impact game to the iOS and Android stores (via .APK and Xarchive file)

Other info:
Fortunately we don't have an SDK(no need to learn anything new!!) , our platform conforms to the HTML5 stack and has an accelerated canvas environment. Simply code in plain HTML5 and JavaScript and your impact based canvas game will be accelerated.

Here's a simple guideline about using the CocooNJS launcher App:

We encourage anyone to just try it, we believe the results speak for itself.

1 decade ago by paulh

Thats the sort of platform and pipeline that id be looking for.

Thank you!

Will try it out in the morning...

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

Looks promising.

1 decade ago by MobileMark

I've been looking at for an API on camera and in app purchases but can't seem to find anything really useful. Is this the right place for an API?

How does one tie into these services when using cocoon?

1 decade ago by paulh

the camera demo is here:

1 decade ago by paulh

when trying to add the cocoonjslauncher archive, i get:

The archive may be corrupt or unreadable.

Obviously tried re downloading.

xcode 4.2

1 decade ago by Ludei

@MobileMark We'll have better documentation soon, in the meantime the best way to understand how the extended features work is to download the source code for the specific demo you're interested in.

Also these extra services(Camera access, monetization,etc) are just javascript extensions that sit on top of our platform. They can be called simply as a javascript functions.

1 decade ago by Ludei


Thanks for letting us know, what version of MacOS are you running btw?

We'll upload a new Xarchive file.

1 decade ago by Ludei

@paulh Actually, the Xarchive file is fine it's just not usable as is. You need to be signed in with your own provisioning profile for it to open correctly as stated in the tutorial here:

1 decade ago by MobileMark


Thanks for the response.

Do you need a Mac to develop for iOS with cocoonJS?

That's why I use AppMobi since I only have a PC and want to get into the iOS appStore ( I have the same problem with iOSImpact and PhoneGap).

Just don't have the funds to spend $1000 on a comp :/

1 decade ago by Ludei

@MobileMark No, it's not "necessary". Although if you want to test your games directly on the iPhone you temporarily do need a Mac for the Xarchive file. CocoonJS is used in 2 major ways:

1) CocoonJS Launcher App: This is used mainly to test your game directly on the iPhone or Android to see how your development would run. It's a very accurate representation of how your real app would run(instead of using emulators/simulators)
It also has a mobile debugger

2) CocoonJS Compilation platform: This will allow anyone to upload HTML5/Impact games and our platform will spit out a APK file and a Xarchive file for you to submit to the App stores. (Will be launching this anytime soon!)

The CocoonJS launcher app is just a really "handy" tool so you can foresee how your game will run instead of finding something out later after it's deployed as a native app, debugging it and repeating this inefficient process. So in other words, it's just an awesome "testing tool".

This would not be a problem at all for Windows users if Apple would accept the CocoonJS Launcher app on the iOS app store(you just need an iPhone). The reality is we've had it ready for months now, but Apple is rejecting it. But we're working really hard to getting it approved :)

1 decade ago by paulh

I was following the tutorial, i'll try again though, likely i t was me, lol!

xcode 4.2

Still no joy :-( i sent some screenshots and info to support .... i went through the tutorial step by step, its an excellent resource and extremly clear, not sure what the prob is.

anyone else had this problem?

1 decade ago by paulh

I FUCKING LOVE THIS ... wish i coudl get it working on IOS :-(

Will try android in the morning!

1 decade ago by lazer

This looks really good and I tried it a few days ago, but I can't seem to get my app working on my device. Black screen, nothing in error console when trying to run :( I'll keep experimenting.

1 decade ago by paulh

hey Lazer, what version of xcode are your running?

1 decade ago by paulh

It would be great if there was a tutorial n how to integrate impact js into cocoon, or a demo (without the impact files) so we could drop the licensed code in and be up and running!

1 decade ago by bea

I'm interesting in use coocon with impactjs but I think I need a tutorial...please..

1 decade ago by mimik

so i got the cocoonjs launcher on my iphone.
next up trying to make it work with impactjs.

Should i just make a ios impact app?

1 decade ago by amadeus

I just posted this quick howto:
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