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Super Jetroid

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1 decade ago by jessefreeman

Wanted to announce my latest ImpactJS game Super Jetroid which is my 2nd 1Gam game so far. Here is a description of the game:

Super Jetroid is a game about balancing greed with survival. There are no weapons, the game is simply about exploration and discovery. While you make your way through each cave system you will need to balance your health, air and fuel supply. The goal of the game is to find as much as you can and return to the surface alive.

The best part of using ImpactJS is that I can get a Windows 8, Web and Chrome Market build all from the same code base.

1 decade ago by codesavage

Hey, nice work on this! I had my doubts about the W8 port, but I tried it out and it's actually very nicely/cleanly done. I'll definitely have to look into this more in the future.

1 decade ago by Rybar

Jesse, this is really cool! I love the dark unknown exploration vibe you get.
Might you share a bit how you did the scanlines effect? I'm loving it, would like to do something similar for my 'retro' games.

My only complaint gameplay wise is that the vision is a little TOO limited, not in how dark it is, but that the overall view is so close? I suppose that adds to the claustrophobic feel, but there are often times where the gameplay doesn't seem fair when there's danger below you. I would love to see this idea expanded upon survival wise, maybe larger, perhaps procedurally generated caves, and a way to balance your depletables yourself, for example rerouting jetpack energy to life support instead of hoping to find a 'health pack' in the hostile alien cavern.

Overall I liked it, but I didn't find myself wanting to try again more than once or twice, largely because your survival hinges solely on finding power-ups and a simple race against the clock otherwise.

1 decade ago by jessefreeman

Rybar, thanks for the feedback. I plan on going back to Super Jetroid and addressing some of your complaints. I think I need to make the game a bit more casual. That being said the effects are simply PNG's being rendered on top of the display. So a transparent circular gradient for light and scanelines are another PNG layer.

I just released a Starter Kit based on Super Jetroid's source code with a lot of the effects in there if you want to see how the source code works (which is still a bit messy). You can learn more about it here

1 decade ago by c0nfus3d1

I like it, but would have loved a few weapons!! :D

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

Overall the design is cool, everything including sfx fits very nice together. Felt like was playing on my old C64.

+1 for Rybar's comments about the gameplay.

Also, when the hud has a H2O counter, which is water, not oxygen :)

1 decade ago by Jackolantern

The website has been inaccessible for me all day today :(

1 decade ago by FilipeBarros

Hey, this game is impressive! why no a mobile version? (iOS, Android, WP)?

1 decade ago by zachstronaut

Totally in love with the controls and that little weird wobble the player does when they fall fast.

1 decade ago by paleozoic

Agreed on the camera feeling a bit zoomed in, but it's cool.
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