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 by kapolab
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9 years ago by kapolab

A shoot-em-up game controlled by the mouse only (no buttons).
Playable on PC and smartphone(iPhone or other).

You will attack enemies automatically when you will be close enough to them.

A weapon type accords to the distance between enemies.
Close - Shot.
Closer - Laser.
Closest - V Beam.

V Beam will be fired when a V Beam power is 100.
V Beam power will increase when you get close to enemies.

When you destroy 5 enemies quickly, you will get a combo bonus.
(Or when you destroy a enemy after your weapon quickly hits enemies 5 times.)
If shields is lower than 3, shields increase by 1.
If shields is max(3 is max), you will obtain 100 score points.

When Shot or V Beam hits enemies, you will obtain a 1 score point.

9 years ago by Joncom

Doesn't seem to run on my iPod Touch 5th gen in Safari, nor Chrome. Runs on PC though. Cool enemy choreography as the levels progress!

9 years ago by kapolab

I wonder why...maybe it's something with these, maybe not, I will check on it, thank you for your report.

I only checked running on iPhone4, 4s, 5c, 5s, some of my freind's Android phone, and iPad(forgot which version that was).

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Runs on firefox good enough. When I first played it I thought the game was about shooting letters. Then I realized that it's just name entry and you have to scroll thru all the letter and hit enter (?) to actually start the game.

This game can really use x-type glow effects. Overall gameplay is smooth. Well done.
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