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1 decade ago by Legedric

Hello guys,

we just pushed our free2play browsergame "Alien Rescue" to open beta state.

The game was built within about 4 months during spare time using the ImpactJS engine.

Right now, the game is only available in German language but releases for English, Spanish, French and Polish are planned for the end of this year.

Any feedback to our first game using ImpactJS is much appreciated!

Best regards,


1 decade ago by Norbert

Hi Legedric, as far as I can tell, the player is forced to register ("jetzt registrieren") after the first puzzle (after the first couple of guys are shot). It's up to you of course, but I think that's not the best way to get folks to register. Then the choice is: 1. register to play the rest, or 2. stop playing. I stopped playing. The choice can be different, for example: 1. register to play the rest with extra features, 2. continue playing (without those extra features). So, instead of "stop playing", you have "continue playing", and the longer visitors play your game, the more interested they might become in registering to check out the extra features.

1 decade ago by Jerczu

Very decent game for a first attempt. I don't understand why you would register to play - Personally I would release it on facebook and if you want to collect user data their API will let you do so without awkward registration process.

1 decade ago by Legedric

Hey guys, thanks for your feedback.

Honestly, I think there might be a missunderstanding in what this game actually is. What you played is just the first tutorial and not the actual game itself.

So the complete game is more comparable to a real browsergame like for example Shakes & Fidget, Farmerama, OGame etc. with buildings, weapon research and character progression but not to a pure "level based" game like Angry Birds.

What you actually see was something like the first quest for this game and you have to register an account to get to the real game. The reason is that your individual "empire" in Area 52 (like the above mentioned buildings) have to be tied to an account and may not just be tied to a cookie or something like this.

And in fact, you just have to provide a username and an email address to get an account or you may register (AND play) using Facebook as an alternative way.

But thanks again for your feedback, because we now know that several users may run into this missunderstanding and we will have to optimize our communication to the user so they understand what game they are really playing here :)

1 decade ago by PanTom

We need a registration to track players progress and save thier state with a unique player id. There are plenty of things in this game depending on the players level: the highscore list, the points and bonus points, the progress of his buildings and equipment, the weapons he can use, the configuration of his weapon quickslots, the type and complexity of the spaceships he has to assemble and so on. Btw, the game has been released on facebook, too - but not because of the users data but to avoid this necessary, manually registration process :o)

@Norbert: this first level you've played, was actually the tutorial. We decided to set the registration form to the time after this first level to avoid blowing up are players database with players, that just wanted to have a look and don't really want to play the game. Having the registration first (as usually) your decision to play or not to play will be the same - but 5 minutes earlier and with less information about the gameplay. But the "stop playing" vs "continue playing" is a good point, I think we will discuss this process again :o)

1 decade ago by fugufish

@PanTom awesome graphics

did you track the bounce rate of players who first saw the tutorial level? It's good to know where the players actually begin to drop off. As a game designer, often times I follow gut feeling, but i'm beginning to lean towards analytics. A good tool to track this behavior is Playtomic

1 decade ago by Legedric

Hey fugufish!

Yes, we have several tracking points, especially during the "startpage -> registration" process to be able to analyze the exacty conversion for each step and to analyze the bounce rate during that process. To analyze all the data we wrote an analytics tool on our own, so we are quite independant in this case.



1 decade ago by delly

very neat & clean looking game

- I have a hard time understanding what i suppose to do though,
maybe this is because there is no English instructon yet :D
I know i suppose to arrange the puzzle, but i try clicking on the puzzle
and it only bring the popup dialog, sometimes i can move it accidently though.

1 decade ago by Legedric

Well, not knowing what's being told makes the game a bit hard, that's right :)

What you try to click are wrecktiles which you use to complete the spaceship (on the right). You have to look at the hologram on the right and on the preview (mouseover the wrecktile) to find the next part (or puzzle piece).
Then you have to move the wrecktiles blocking it (being above the wrecktile you need) by clicking on the right or left "border" until you can click the middle of the wrecktile to build it into the spaceship.

And when you have ebemies incoming to harm the alien, you have to shoot them using the "S" key.

That's all you need :)

1 decade ago by Legedric

We just release the English language version.

So anyone having trouble with the German language will now be able to play our game in English :)

1 decade ago by fugufish

i entered my username, accepted policies and got a lot of mysql errors

hope you can resolve them soon, looking forward to trying the english version

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1 decade ago by Legedric

Hi fugufish!

Your registration actually worked so you should be able to login with the data specified yesterday during the registration process.

The errors causing this interruption are getting fixed while I am writing this :)

1 decade ago by neon

Nice game, cool graphics!
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