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1 decade ago in check for animation end?:

Did you inspect this.currentAnim with your debugger? Or are there any error mes…

1 decade ago in Level hangs on load:

The error console from Firefox. Just hit Ctrl-Shift-J to open it.

1 decade ago in Restricting which entities Weltmeister is allowed to place in maps:

Just place them in a folder outside your "entities" folder. That's wh…

1 decade ago in Bind an HTML Button to an Action?:

You just have to call the javascript function in the onclick event of the butto…

1 decade ago in What music you code to?:

Jazz, Tango and classical music. 70's Funk for copy & paste :o)

1 decade ago in Where are you based?:

Duisburg, Germany

1 decade ago in Entity-Decisions:

If there is only one EntityMan and one EntityDog, use a statement like ## i…

1 decade ago in Why the system lag is very high?:

As far as I understand the value of the system lag is nothing you can improve b…

1 decade ago in How to add dynamic attribute for map in weltmeister ?:

Create an invisible entity "levelSettings" and add the attributes to …

1 decade ago in Alien Rescue - Browsergame built using impact:

We need a registration to track players progress and save thier state with a un…