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 by bufk1n
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8 years ago by bufk1n

We build our first ImpactJs Game for a University Project. Have a Look!

8 years ago by Joncom

Cool. I made my way into the house once, and then tried again for kicks, but on my second game I couldn't seem to find the key. Does it spawn it different locations each time?

8 years ago by copman

Really Cool! The atmosphere is surprisingly good for a game of this kind!

8 years ago by asdfzxh


8 years ago by fugufish

site can't be reached. Can you re-upload?

8 years ago by Donald

That's Great.

8 years ago by dungeonmaster

site is down

7 years ago by dannyplay34

That nice. Me and my frineds have the same project for university. We have to create game as well, but we want to create game FPS game, simple few guns, one level few different enemies. Well done hope I will play one day one of your awesome game.

6 years ago by Dryrlois

I like it! Thanks for this game! do you have any plans for the future applications?
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