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Apple Quest

 by nmoliveira
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9 years ago by nmoliveira

Hi all,

I am new to game development and this is my first game.
It is not finished yet but almost, as I am now thinking already in something more serious.

This is a simple platform game nothing new, just to learn developing games with ImpactJS.

I hope you like it and I would appreciate all feedback... good or... bad! : )


Nuno Oliveira

9 years ago by Apiheld

Before you think about more serious games, take at least a bit of time to polish the movement. It feels very slippery and hard to control. There's no friction. Suggestion, if you want a bit of a challenge: Allow the player to move down through a platform if he presses the DOWN key.

I think this would improve the game experience a lot.

Besides that, it's a good start.

9 years ago by paleozoic

Agreed on the slipperiness. Still, you did a really great job for a first game. Way better than my first.

Tuning player movement is probably the most critical part if you're making a platformer. It can be really not fun to get it to feel right, but it's just part of it. And Impact gives you a lot of knobs to turn to get there, even if you don't know how to expand on the basics.

Best of luck. Keep going!!

9 years ago by dungeonmaster


My humble opinion:

At the moment, it feels like the guy is walking on the ice. Either tune it like two gentleman recommends or change your landscape from grass to ice :)

Then add a fancier name, smt. the smaller kids will like, i.e. "Apples and Dinosaurs" and begin selling it.

9 years ago by nmoliveira

Hi guys,

Thanks a lot for your feedback, it is very useful. I will (try to) change that slipperiness issue. I was not aware of it, maybe because I got used to it!

My goal is not to sell the game, but sounds good when somebody suggests it though, it means it is not so bad at all : )

I will let know when I fix the issue.



9 years ago by nmoliveira

Hi guys,

I have fixed the slipperiness issue. Hope that this improve your experience and you could enjoy the game. Thanks again for your feedback.

9 years ago by nmoliveira

Apple Quest is now available on

Google Chrome Store
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