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Atomos Redux

 by riceje7
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1 decade ago by riceje7

So this is the first game that I've written with Impact, and I must say that I love just about everything about it. Anyway, My game is called Atomos (pronounced AH-TOM-OHS) Redux. The Impact version which I am debuting here is about the 5th iteration of the game. I tried writing it in Processing but the lack of game building tools made it difficult as i had to write just about everything from scratch.

The goal of my capstone is to help teach people the fundamentals of computer programming. The language of choice is of course Javascript. Each level teaches something about the fundamentals of programming: primitives, variables, data structures/objects, loops and logic and finally functions and parameters. The game requires players to collect powerups to learn about the different programming topics, and then complete a short review at the end of the level to progress.

In it's current form it is about 95% complete, still totally playable down to the last level, but missing storyline content and the last (level 5) review isn't yet complete. But I wanted to get the game out there and tested for bugs, accuracy of information, and the like, so when i deploy it in a classroom it is a worthwhile experience for the students.

You can post here or email me at: if you find any bugs, have any suggestions to improve the quality of the game (please keep it constructive), find ANYTHING wrong about the information I'm disseminating please let me know. I wrote it mostly out of experience, memory from A.P. Comp. Sci. from high school, and consulted the mozilla javascript reference as well as a couple of other trusted sources, but i want everything to be accurate.

So without further ado... Atomos Redux

You will have to register for a free account, all thats needed is an email address, and it is only so that I can store game progress on the server, instead of just locally.

Go play, have fun, be well.

Thanks in advance to everyone that helps out.

1 decade ago by maluslupus

hey could you supply a username / password combo pls? then I'll be happy to test it..

1 decade ago by riceje7

A question to those who have tested the game, are you finishing any levels or just playing around and quitting? just wondering because i'm not getting any game data sent back to the database, from those who've played aside from myself. thanks

1 decade ago by giodif

To be honest, I don't want to register to test your game for you. I'd be happy to play and provide feedback, but not at the cost of registering with my email address.


As @maluslupus suggested, give us a test un/pw and we'll use it.

1 decade ago by riceje7

In light of the multiple requests I've gotten about the username/password and not wanting to give out email addresses, I have redone the registration process to exclude email entry. Now all you need to do is make up a username and password combination and let me know if you're a girl or a guy. Thanks to everyone that has given it a try.

1 decade ago by giodif

Just tried to sign up and I think the form may be broken. When registering, I fill in un and pw and check 'dude', but when I press the submit button, nothing happens.

The console reports a typeError:

"TypeError: Cannot read property 'status' of null"

Looks like something to do with your ajax request.
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