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Blue Weapon v 1.0

 by wands
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1 decade ago by wands

Hi everyone.

I bought impactjs almost about 1 year ago. I've been working on my game ever since.

Here I present to everyone - Blue Weapon

A shootem'up game that has the following features:

10 levels
3 different enemies with different abilities
2 ways to shoot them down. Either shoot your normal weapon or shoot plasma to stun them.

The game is still in beta stage so I left with a few things to done.
Music and sound effects.
Splash screen and
In-game power up modules.

I hope you guys can provide me as much feedback as you can.

Let me know if you don't like something in the game.

1 decade ago by FragOnly


Very cool game :)

I felt like the camera movement was to jittery though, i wonder if it could be smoothed out with tweening or something?

1 decade ago by wands

thanks for your reply. i'll take note of that.

Hope you could also rate it.

Thank you!

1 decade ago by drhayes

I'm on a trackpad, so I'm not able to aim with precision at all. It would be helpful if hitting shift or ctrl or something fired as well as mouse clicks.

The camera movement is definitely off-putting – you're probably better off tweening it. At first I thought you should just keep the player sprite centered and rotate but I started to appreciate the sight-lines the current control scheme gives me. I really needed all that screen space to see the enemies. Good job on that. ( =

This is personal preference, but try setting player movement based on accel rather than vel directly. It'll help with the jerkiness fo'sho'.

I like the enemy AI, they swarm quite nicely. It's nice how they threaten and circle around my player.

I can keep my shield on forever by holding space. Is this intentional? What does absorbing energy do?

1 decade ago by wands

Another nice feedback! Thank you!

Ah...the shield was not meant to be available in this built. But I thought I just left it there to see if anyone stumble upon it. :p

It's meant to deflect energy weapons like the green pulse or orange plasma
But I have not actually found a good idea for it. So I'm still thinking if I should remove it completely or continue to work on the idea.

Was also thinking of using it as an item pickup after you destroy your enemies. Like a power up item.

Thanks for the feedback. We'll update this page again when I have a between built ready. Anyone else lurking here care to provide feedback as well? : )

10 years ago by wands

Hi everyone, it's been quite sometime since I last mentioned about my game.

So here it is. Blue Weapon is completed...well..more or less.

Features of the game.

Only single player for desktop.
10 levels in total.
3 different types of enemies.
As you progress higher levels, enemies become stronger.
10 different levels of weapons that auto upgrades as you level up.


Mouse move much more smoothly than before.
Enemies no longer get "stuck" outside of map.

Added and improved the following:

Added targets at the edge of the screen
Improved A.I at higher levels.
Added a nice splash screen showing the game play
Improved font and coloring

Additional notes:

Game works very well on Chrome, Opera and IE9. Firefox works very well also but selection color changes in "Game Over" and "Paused" screen.

If you happen to get the screen paused suddenly, just refresh your browser once. The reason is because the music is still loading in the background.

Do let me know if you encounter bugs.

10 years ago by FelipeBudinich

I love how the camera works!

But I despise the "low health" sound effect.

You should upload it to kongregate/gamejolt/etc. It's fun :)

10 years ago by wands

Thanks for playing. I'll have to address some issues first :)
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