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1 decade ago by GreyShock

Hi Everyone!

My team have just finished a game developed with ImpactJS and I want to show it to the world! :D

This is my third game with ImpactJS and I am in love with the engine.

Here, I present you Brutal Collage:

I'm now developing a leaderboard for score ranking, but the game itself is complete.

1 decade ago by alexandre

I like it. Love the bouncing cats and... are those angry bird wannabes? Cool game. Played it for about 4 minutes.

1 decade ago by GreyShock

The Angry Birds are half Piranha half Pidgeon :P

Thank you for playing! :D

1 decade ago by alexandre

Oh well if I were half-piranha half-pigeon I too would be angry. So many issues. Fish or fowl? Who do you mate with? Who'd want to mate with you? Meat eater or grain pecker?

1 decade ago by auz1111

Nice work! I like the style.

1 decade ago by fugufish

pretty awesome stuff! this game could easily get licensed for $800+

feel free to post it on marketJS, if you're looking to monetize the game. contact ben at for an invite code

1 decade ago by playman

Wow, so impressive. I like the style and is very addictive :D

1 decade ago by Robodude

I enjoyed it :) Nice job
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