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8 years ago by DanielGray

Currently developing this game, check out the dev blog on my YouTube Channel. I will be updating it frequently before the release (in 1-2 months). Going to be selling it in the Chrome Web Store for $1.99

8 years ago by dungeonmaster

Seems quite good, especially the Lopez like heroin:)

8 years ago by DanielGray

Thanks, I'll be posting more updates soon and there will be a free demo to try out before the final game comes out.

8 years ago by DanielGray

Check out the second dev blog video:

8 years ago by lachsen

Hi there,

the game still seems to be in an early stage.
The graphical style seems interesting in general, I like the design of the clouds.
The animation of the heroin are also quite nice at times.
Apart from that I have several suggestions (you probably plan to fix some of them anyway):
- The clouds in the foreground are hard to distinguish from the background graphics. You can reduce the contrast of the stuff in the background to make the platforms in the foreground easier to see.
- The camera moves fairly rapidly when moving around, which can be kinda disorienting. You might want to smooth that out a bit, make the camera move a bit slower with smaller offsets.
- The heroin still runs while jumping. It will look much better when she has a special jump animation without moving legs.
- The posture of the heroin is kinda weird. She leans forward when she stands and runs, but keeps the back straight when attacking. I'd do it the other way around. Stand straight, lean slightly forward when running and lean forward most when attacking.

Otherwise, good luck with the project and the planned release. (Doing a whole RPG in 2 month seems very fast to me)

8 years ago by DanielGray

Thanks for the feedback,

The camera is actually a lot slower when I am not recording, I sped it up a lot because the game runs at 60FPS, and fraps records at 30 FPS. I am also going to allow the user to disable the dynamic camera if they don't like it in an options menu(and change how fast it moves). I do have a jump anim but I just need to add a timer (probably like 0.2 seconds or so to enter fall anim when the user is in midair).

The posture I made on purpose to emphasize speed and to give the main character a unique run. For the attacking posture I made it straight because if you stand up straight and pivot into attacks it tends to produce more force (I train in martial arts and in the sword(katana), I do agree that the leaning forward isn't practical however).

Thanks for the input though, I am probably going to replace the background clouds with completely different clouds that stand out more.

8 years ago by DanielGray

Video 3:

8 years ago by DanielGray

Trailer is up:
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