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Coffee Quest

 by gnx
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1 decade ago by gnx

Our 3 people team made this game at for Finnish Game Jam at Assembly demo party 2013.

The theme was (roughly translated) "tableware industry", and the end result was a turn-based rpg with an angry coffee cup battling demonic cutlery and plates.

Please enjoy :D

YouTube vid

1 decade ago by gnx

Forgot to mention: it is only tested and probably works only/best in Chrome :)

1 decade ago by vincentpiel

Amazing !
The fight system is a little harsh at the beginning but becomes pleasant after a while.
Nice sprites, and nice smoke effect in battles (how did you do that ? particles in 'ligther' mode of canvas ? )

Too bad there's only three level !

1 decade ago by gnx

Thanks for the comments :) The background is simply a screen-sized looping sprite made in photoshop, infact everything is just sprites.

We would've loved to have a ending boss etc. but we kinda ran out of time :D

1 decade ago by Ash_Blue

Love the concept but the key patterns are driving me insane.
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