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Elliot Quest

 by ansimuz
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1 decade ago by ansimuz

Elliot is in a Quest yet to be revealed, he must gather the 4 elements in order to defeat the evil ahead, Help our hero by acquiring new powers and artifacts to help him defeat the evil minions. The game is a metroidvania or zeldania heavily inspired in Zelda 2 (i like this one in the series). In brief you have to defeat 4 guardian (bosses) get their power and fight final evil.


* Open world to explore
* Lots of different enemies with different attributes
* Artifacts, tools and magic powers
* Build up bow skill by leveling up character
* Hidden easter eggs (crystals) to gain access to special areas
* Collect money and buy potions and special power ups
* Solve Puzzles, and make strategies to defeat powerful enemies
* Original Music Score and pixel art

Kickstarter Campaign

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1 decade ago by mdkess

Your hit-boxes are too big - it makes it hard to jump over enemies. You can use Entity.offset.x and .y to set an offset for the animation and its collision container.

Otherwise, the game looks awesome! Really can't wait to see how it comes together, it's got a ton of style and charm.

1 decade ago by ansimuz


thanks for the tip, the reason i made them so big is cause theres a powerup that will let you double jump, so it will be easier to skip enemies.

i still working on the balance of the enemies-powers.


1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

I like the "level-up" banner and the menu to choose weapons.

1 decade ago by Joncom

Quote from mdkess
Your hit-boxes are too big
Yeah. The arrows do seem to hit the enemy and disappear a little too early. Cool looking game though, was impressed when I saw the overworld.

1 decade ago by ansimuz

Boxes are fixed, there's a lot to do yet but one thing at a time.

This project is currently on indiegogo please consider making a donation or spreading the word.

Elliot needs your help.

1 decade ago by ansimuz

Just launched a Kickstarter campaign please help us making this game at

1 decade ago by paleozoic


1 decade ago by zachstronaut

Also backed!

1 decade ago by ansimuz

Thanks for your support!

9 years ago by Krisjet

Great job, Ansimuz!

9 years ago by Nightowljrm

I saw your game featured in today's Nintendo Direct. Very cool!
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