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Fire Emblem: Chronicles of the Abyss

 by DrkSephy
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9 years ago by DrkSephy

After one year of teamwork, perseverance, and countless hours of development, we proudly present our latest project: "Fire Emblem: Chronicles of the Abyss", a fan-made remake of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword on the Game Boy Advance.

About the Game:

Fire Emblem: Chronicles of the Abyss is a turn-based strategy game in which you command an army of units and battle hordes of enemies across various landscapes.

Follow Jaffar, the proclaimed Angel of Death, as he travels across the lands with his small band of avengers. Immerse yourself in three expansive, detailed maps as you lead this band of mercenaries in their quest for vengeance.


This project started in mid-November 2013. It was not until February 2014 that the project was deemed feasible with the ImpactJS game engine. From there we began rapid development over the span of five weeks, crunching new features almost every other day, including but not limited to: enemy pathfinding, a complex animation system, user interfaces, equipment/item system, expansive music system, and more.

Source Code:

For those interested in the game's source code, it is publicly available here: We hope that it will help give you some ideas for your own games.

Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated, as are constructive criticisms. We hope you will enjoy playing this game as much as we enjoyed making it.

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Are you planning to make an in-game tutorial? I think this game is intended to be deep and it's not really easy to get it like a simple platform game. For example,
I tried to play it but could't really understand what's happening in the combat. I guess it's auto, but I'm not really sure.

9 years ago by chessmasterhong

At this time, we do not have plans on making an in-game tutorial, but I do like your suggestion. Yes, you are correct; the game has underlying mechanics that are not easy to pick up at first, especially those not familiar with the Fire Emblem series.

My knowledge of the Fire Emblem mechanics are limited. I was mostly responsible with developing the core system and battle animation mechanics, so if you have questions regarding Fire Emblem stuff, DrkSephy might be better suited to answer your questions. Otherwise, if it's about game implementation stuff, I would more than happy to answer them.

To respond to your example:
Your choices matter based on the moment right before initiating/receiving an attack. Things such as what weapon you have equipped, the terrain you are standing on, the terrain the enemy is standing on, the stats you have, and the stats the enemy has all play a factor when the battle starts. Once battle starts and enters the animation sequence, everything is up to chance and is bound by the limits of the equipped weapon, terrain, stats, etc. At that point, the combat is automated with the aid of some random number computations. Once the combat animation completes, the game follows up on the outcome of the battle (i.e., how much health both sides has, who was defeated, weapon durability, etc.) and updates itself accordingly. Only after that point, do you regain control of your units, if it is still your turn.

9 years ago by FelipeBudinich

Nice work! I'll be taking a look at your source code :)

9 years ago by stphnl329

Well, it's a good base for a game. Only problem is, there's a major glitch in which you start losing the equipped equipment. It's a bit frustrating when a person can't do anything but walk around.

9 years ago by chessmasterhong

Thank you for your feedback. I can relate to your your frustration and it is these problems that we put into priority. Would you mind filing an issue via the GitHub issue tracker regarding this glitch in more detail (i.e., how this glitch can be replicated)? If not, you can post the problem here as well.
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