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Kyoto Yokai Attack

 by Koji
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1 decade ago by Koji

ā€¯Kyoto Yokai Attack" is an exciting shooting game.
Mayumaro (our pretty hero) fights against Yokai (the supernatural monsters) who appeared in Kyoto.

Anyone can play this game, because its operation is very simple.
The hard mode for skilled gamer is also provided.

I also provide Android native application, which is powered by CocoonJS.

1 decade ago by lachsen

Very nice!

I love the enemy design and music!
I also like the fact that each enemy behaves quite individually. There is a bit of tactic to it. Too bad the game is so short.
Well, I at least managed to beat it in easy mode.
I liked the colorful pixel animation during the credits.

One small suggestion:
Instead of flashing the full screen (or in addition to it), you should show an effect on the point of impact (where the projectile hits the enemy). This is easier to see and understand for the player. It also makes the whole shooting visually more appealing. Hit/Impact effects are very important. :O

Anyway, great work!

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

Every level is a boss fight and puzzle to be solved - liked it very much. Got through level 6 :) The 'silliness' of the game is infact appealing. Somehow reminded me of Totoro.
+1 for lachsen's comments. Plus the backgrounds should be seamless in my opinion.

1 decade ago by Koji

Thanks lachsen.

I am glad that you played this game.

Also, thank you for the advice.
I flashed the full screen to shorten time to create this game, but I think that the hit/impact effect is important as you say. I'll take this under consideration.

1 decade ago by Koji

Thanks dungeonmaster.

I am glad that you played this game.

The character like Totoro is MAYUMARO. He is the press-agent of Kyoto.

Thank you for the advice.
I think that the seamless background is the nice idea.
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