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1 decade ago by ngagne

Hi guys,

I've just launched my game "Labyrinth of Zarus" on the Pokki HTML 5 Network. I developed it in HTML 5 using the Impact library, and I used FamiTracker to create the music. I've been a web programmer for years, but this is my first "finished" game, so I appreciate any feedback you guys might have.

Labyrinth of Zarus is a retro-themed adventure/dungeon crawler video game. You play as a treasure hunter searching for the lost treasures inside the labyrinth. Collect treasure, explore levels and fend off enemies with your whip. Each level is randomly generated.

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You can download and play the game here:<br />
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Thanks in advance for your feedback!

1 decade ago by Jerczu

When I see Java downloadable I usually suspect malicious crap so no thanks. Post it as browser game mate (if it really is a game)

1 decade ago by monkeyArms

The screenshot looks cool, but I'm with Jerczu - I'm not going to install anything to play an online game.

1 decade ago by fugufish

it's this html5 game competition that Pokki is hosting. A lot of devs from here want that $30 grand prize money. Condition: they have to make the game in Pokki-downloadable format - which doesn't support Mac OSX atm :(

1 decade ago by monkeyArms

Can someone explain the point of pokki to me? I've never heard of it before and the website doesn't tell me what it is.

1 decade ago by ngagne

Pokki is a market place for HTML 5 games (built specifically for Pokki). The Pokki system is built using Chromium (like the Chrome browser). When you install Pokki, it adds a taskbar icon that let's you add/remove/play different HTML 5 games/apps. You can uninstall Pokki easily, no spyware or anything like that. Any yes, I'd like to win $30k of course!

1 decade ago by monkeyArms

I tried it out. Overall I really liked the retro graphics and music.

A few constructive criticisms:

1) The attacking system needs work - I found it very hard to kill an enemy even though the character's whip was going right over/through the enemy. It seems like there is a very small area on each enemy that you you have to hit in order to do damage.

2) This is kind of a small thing, but it bothered me that the character's collision box is at the top of his head, so that the character cannot overlap with a wall to the north. It makes it seem that he can't get any closer than a few feet away from a north wall.

3) I really don't like this Pokki nonsense. First I had to wait 3 minutes to install the thing, then the game crashed as soon as it loaded. The only way out was to force-quit - not a good first impression. It installed 2 icons on my quick-launch taskbar without asking (don't do that!). It installed without placing the unistaller in my program menu (don't do that either). It also jacked up my taskbar (all the open programs are now on the far right with only a maximum of 2 showing at a time with weird up/down arrows by them). Thanks Pokki!

I was able to play the game when I restarted everything, but I really don't understand the point of pokki. They take applications that work in a browser for any operating system, and make them only work as applications for Windows. I have enough programs on my computer. I have enough icons on my desktop to sort through when I need to run an application. I don't want to install something that doesn't tell me what it is just so I can click on a button in my taskbar instead of a bookmark in my browser. I don't want to have to install something to play a web game - I just want it to work in the browser I choose. I couldn't uninstall Pokki fast enough.

Maybe I will a "DePokki" app that will turn a pokki app into a browser game ;-)

1 decade ago by delly

Is there a way to move the pokki window,
so i can move it to the center of the screen instead of on the left corner ?

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

How is it that in 2012 you can't support Mac in a web browser?

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