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1 decade ago by woyteck

It's very much based on Biolab Disaster's code. I hope Dominic doesn't mind that ;)
It's only a prototype for now.

1 decade ago by dominic

Wow, great stuff!

I'm OK with you using Biolab's code. I released a good deal of it with the Jump'n'run demo and the Entity Pack anyway. A certain other company might be a bit pissed about how the game looks, though ;)

1 decade ago by woyteck

I guess. I plan to make my own graphics anyways, since this is only a prototype based on some tileset i found on the net.

1 decade ago by Zealot

I'd love to get involved and try this software but $99 is a little steep for me. Will there be a trial copy available in the near future?

woyteck, great prototype, If you need help creating graphics, I'd love to help as I can't use the software :')

1 decade ago by woyteck

Zealot, since I'm a noob at game graphics, any help would be appreciated. I can't make a release until I use Mario graphics, I would rather not be sued by nintendo ;) If you want you can create some graphics. The map tiles are 16x16px, monsters and player vary from 16x16 to 26x32. I can't pay you for this, but I sure can put you in the game credits.

1 decade ago by Ashkettle

It's using some Biolab code, but honestly, you did a great job of giving it a different life. Heck, I'm working on a platformer myself. There are really not TOO many derivatives possible in the genre that haven't been done in one form or another. The trick is to get a good feel for at style element, and keep it throughout the entire game.

From there, it's all level design. Personally, I'm going all 1-bit graphics and making it very retro-feeling. Mine feels more like a C-64 game or something you would have played on a TRS-80 (going back to my roots with these systems). I myself have used some of the biolab code (because, frankly, it's pretty well implemented and I don't suffer from NIH). When I finish, I'll be sharing it and of course, any tricks I pull off.

In short, great game you have there. It's got great potential. Heck, my 7 year old is a Mario fanatic and it took all my might to pry him from the keyboard right now. That's always a ringing endorsement.

1 decade ago by Jerczu

Well its hard to not create something similar to the Biolab Disaster code.

I personally wasn't aware of the code being available for quite some time so I worked on my game logic from scratch based on docs and forum info.

At a later date I did came across Biolab source and I was quite surprised to see a lot of code logic done in some way similar to what I came up with in many cases.

1 decade ago by Jerczu

By the way - Siema jesli masz jakies ciekawe rozwiazania ktorymi mozesz sie podzielic daj znac - encrypted message ends :D

1 decade ago by potan

Quote from Jerczu
I personally wasn't aware of the code being available for quite some time so I worked on my game logic from scratch based on docs and forum info.

wait.... Biolab Disaster code is available ?
What i see so far is the Jump n Run sample code & Biolab Entity Pack, am i missing something ?

1 decade ago by stahlmanDesign

I was also unaware the Biolab Disaster code was available (where?). I have pretty much figured it out though, since the Biolab Entity Packs make it pretty clear.

1 decade ago by dominic

The Biolab source is not officially available. I guess Jerczu just used a pretty printer to "un-obfuscate" the compressed source from the game itself. I, personally, have no problem with this if you don't blatantly copy the whole game.

However, other than with the game sources on your download page, I would mind if you use the levels, graphics, sound or music of Biolab for your own games. I still have plans to make a "full version" of Biolab; that's why I didn't explicitly publish the source.

So in short: be respectful :)

1 decade ago by Ashkettle

Decompiling what you didn't offer up is questionable at best. I'm using some code from the entity pack, because things like the mover don't need to be reinvented. Artwork and level design should be your own. My biggest problem is for a flock of bats I have. I just hate all the pathing I've given it so far. I may try the bezier plugin and see what that feels like.

1 decade ago by Jerczu

@ashkette - check out flocking algorithm it may be useful for you.
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