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 by enpu
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1 decade ago by enpu

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<strong>MiniKart</strong> (fka MultiSlix) is a kart racing game, that you play on your browser.<br />
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You can play the game here <a href=

MiniKart features real kart tracks:
- Vihti, Finland
- Bemböle, Finland
- Riihimäki, Finland
- Lahti, Finland
- Lonato, Italy
- Jämsä, Finland
- Helsinki, Finland
- Genk, Belgium
- Alahärmä, Finland

Other game features:
- Collision
- Skidmarks
- Track records
- Statistics
- AI cars
- Sound effects
- Track editor (coming)
- Local multiplayer (coming)
- Gamepad support (coming)
- Music (coming)


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1 decade ago by Joncom

Not a fan of giving my email out, so I did not play your game. Obviously it is your call to make, but I'd personally appreciate a "Play as Guest" option. Did not end up rating your game because of this. Screenshots look cool though.
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