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1 decade ago by Bushstar

Excellent game mate. Please keep up the good work. This is my setup below :)

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1 decade ago by Bushstar

I like the balance of the map, managing the area you can build farms on, figuring out how to defend when your area with the water in the way. It make for a good little game you can apply your mind to.

Bug report. On my second play through the original tiles were still there but invisible. That gave me a boost in invisible defence and money back when I flattened it to deploy new blocks.

Feature request. Can we get a gun upgrade once in a while and some more maps? If you have to work for the upgrades then all the better.

Keep working on this. At some point you could get a 'graphics guy' in and then bake it for iOS.

1 decade ago by acousticseagull

Great game! Really enjoyed playing it. Heck i even like the graphics.

1 decade ago by auz1111

Cool game. I played for a good 10 minutes. The only thing i didn't like was I was clicking so fast that I missed my total and final score at the end bc it just flew through the stats and started a new game bc I was clicking.

1 decade ago by fugufish

i played for 12 mins. lol

if you're looking to monetize the game, feel free to post it on marketJS, email ben at for an invite code
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