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 by lazer
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1 decade ago by lazer

Adopt your sheep form to corral other sheep onto the meat processing line. Remember to eat some yourself to maintain your energy! Watch for other wolves - turn into your wolf form to avoid being eaten yourself.

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Not mobile friendly :) Tested mostly in Chrome, but should work in latest non-mobile browsers.

I love feedback!

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster


Sheep could spawn a little bit quicker. Also eating a sheep fills energy too little.

By the way I didn't understand the point in turning into "sheep". In wolf form, you move quicker, sheep run away from you so it's easier to herd plus you don't get attacked. What am I missing here?

1 decade ago by lazer

Thanks for the feedback, dungeonaster!

In sheep form your energy drains slower. Also, other sheep are not afraid of you, making it easier to stalk them, get as close as you want, then quickly turn into a wolf and eat them. Using this strategy lets you eat more sheep much easier and quicker than trying to chase them down as a wolf all the time.
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