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Planetoid Decimator

 by Rybar
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10 years ago by Rybar

Finished March 1gam entry. Would love some feedback from the community here!

10 years ago by dungeonmaster

Lovely retro graphics. I lost trrack of the ship sometimes, it's color blends to the meteors.

10 years ago by Shadoobie

Nice job with this game!! I like the forgiving shields action :)

10 years ago by Rybar

Thanks for the kind words guys! I've put up a repo at github if anyone wants to tinker with the source:

10 years ago by drhayes

Nicely done! I like the gridded overlay effect... is that a PNG that you laid across the canvas?

10 years ago by diligent

I enjoyed that. Thanks!

10 years ago by Rybar

@drhayes, it is indeed. I've improved it's look since you last played; I've been attempting to duplicate the pixel bevel effect that deepnight uses:

it appears he is also lightening pixels, which would require an 'overlay' blend mode, something that isn't really available in canvas sadly. I think I've approximated the effect well though even though I can only darken pixels, makes it look cool!

10 years ago by Gamma

I found a way to survive in your game!

D + SPACE-BAR all the way through. Minimal damage.

Very nice game by the way.

10 years ago by Rybar

@gamma LOL, well.. I tried your strategy, and I can still do better playing smart than just dumbly spin and shooting. What's your high score?

10 years ago by drhayes

Okay, that deepnight guy is seriously talented. I lost a lot of time to Atomic Creep Spawner; I hope he keeps polishing it up!

10 years ago by Gamma

@Rybar Can't remember, it was pretty high. I'll try it again lol.

10 years ago by Gamma

202835 pts
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