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1 decade ago by MikeH

Hey all,

I'm very close to finishing quite an addictive little puzzle game, and I wondered if the people here knew of good places/ways to promote a game? It'll be playable on facebook and in the browser to begin with, and an iPhone version coming if there's interest (judging by the reports of the initial playtesters, there will be interest!)

Thanks for any suggestions or help you can give!

1 decade ago by fugufish

try doing the following
- a post on reddit/digg
- buying ads on Facebook
- a gamedev post. e.g "how i made an addictive HTML5 game". It will get you into the gamedev community

1 decade ago by Norbert

You can also participate in HTML5 (or "Open Web") contests, submit games to HTML5 gaming websites, and show off your games at events/conferences/game jams.

Some recent contests were:
- Mozilla had Game On 2010:
- Microsoft had {Dev:unplugged}:
( Microsoft also had )
- Spil Games:

Some gaming websites:
( I'm the owner of that website. I'll gladly mention Coco Loco on that website once you've officially released it. Facebook-only games are not being added though, so please make it accessible to all. )

1 decade ago by MikeH

Thanks for the suggestions :)

1 decade ago by Red

I am in the process of launching a HTML5 gaming portal - You can come submit it there as well

1 decade ago by tomasm

Feel free to submit your game to our HTML5 Games section at CrazyGames!

10 years ago by vickyjohn

Hello can anyone give me a suggestion to promote game portal website. I have done all types of SEO strategies. still need more visitors.. Thanks in advance.

10 years ago by dungeonmaster

Ironically, by posting this post, you are still making promotion while asking how to make a promotion. But maybe that was the whole purpose. My brain hurts.

9 years ago by eddieowynn

You could always try finding a Tumblr site like to submit your game to. You can use google to find these easily using "submit my game". I hope that helps.
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