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Return to Tolagal

 by mattahj
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9 years ago by mattahj

Return to Tolagal is a casual roguelike I'm working on. The UI & controls have been designed for mobile but I have also added some keyboard controls.

Here is the link:, if you want to try the game on a mobile phone go to

At the moment there is no kind of tutorial, can you work out how to play without one? Do you think it even needs one?


P.S. All of the art is from

9 years ago by Joncom

Wow!! I'm not really into roguelikes at all, but this one seemed a step up from others I've tried. The graphics were nice but I think it was the animations that impressed me the most - the nice smooth movements. :)

9 years ago by Krisjet

This game I really like a lot. Love the idea of a pick up and play browser roguelike for your phone. Give people a limited amount of lives per day, and let them pay to refill them or something :)

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Very nice. Seems like a completed game. It was a bit hard, died quickly at the bats :(

I guess no tutorial is necessary for anyone played a roguelike before. For others, I can't judge really.

Is it possible to see the stats of the equipment the how?

9 years ago by mattahj

I'm working on a way to inspect items and monsters at the moment. All of the information is there but it's taking me longer than I expected to come up with an interface to do it that has a good UX :/

With the bats, you just have to hit them hard - they don't have much health. Did you see that you can smash barrels, crates and weapon racks to get more potions and equipment?

9 years ago by lance7548

The game glitches out for me, as soon as I try to go down the graveyard starting stairs it glitches out and then a few moments later it says I was victorious

9 years ago by drhayes

Dude, I love this game. I bought that icon set too and was itching to make a roguelike, too. Very cool.

9 years ago by mattahj

lance7548: Which browser/version are you using? I relies on localStorage being available, so if that isnt supported it will explode and die horribly :(

Should probably put some fallback in for that!

9 years ago by mattahj

drhayes: Thanks! I've been meaning to finish it off, but battlefield 4 came out so I have spent most of my free time playing that :D

9 years ago by mattahj

I just got approved on

Acheivements & leaderboards, yay!

9 years ago by mattahj

I have added the game to Kongregate and made quite a few modifications based on feedback from players:

It's now quite a bit better than when I first posted it here :)
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