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1 decade ago by TObe

Hi, there!

I would like to show you a demo of my game. It's a math game and this level is about multiples.


Arrow keys to move
'C' to shoot

After 10 shoots you need to type the answer to the multiplication and then enter/intro to get another 10 shoots.

I would like to read your opinion or any bug that you find.


1 decade ago by fugufish

like it!

1 decade ago by Hareesun

If I wasn't numerically dyslexic, I'd love that. :P

1 decade ago by BFresh

Nice artwork, cool idea! It's hard!

1 decade ago by MikeL

Interesting concept! Got my brain rolling. Fun but a bit on the hard side.

One thing you may want to do is adjust the offset for the player's ship. It's a bit too easy to hit the walls, especially when going after that walrus-dude dropping the mad bombs in the top right corner. Have a look at the Entity specification under "offset.x, offset.y". Nice work.

1 decade ago by TObe

MikeL: Yeah! I noticed that but here was too late and I was very tired :P so I take the note of that :D thanks for the comments!

Thanks to everyone who give a try to this demo :D Is it too hard? should I adjust the difficulty?

I need to make another levels about the Cartesian Plane and percentages as a fraction so I'm gonna be a little bit busy on this :D. I love to make this game!

Thank you very much!

1 decade ago by TObe


I've been working on the game, but I noticed some issue with Opera, the game uses the num pad but in Opera seems that doesn't work. Do you have any idea?

You can test the current versiĆ³n of ShootxShoot (now with music) at:


1 decade ago by Norbert

TObe, I've been trying your game now and then, but I don't think it's working properly on my computer. Just to make sure I understand correctly how it should work: when I'm out of bullets, the ship keeps flying and I need to press numeric keys, right? So if I see 2 x 22, I enter press 4 twice. I can fly and shoot, but nothing happens when I press the numeric keys...

1 decade ago by TObe

Norbert, do you press enter after putting the result? Which is the configuration of your computer? Win, Mac, Linux? and which is your browser?

1 decade ago by Norbert

Debian GNU/Linux. Did you make a change recently? I'm asking because the numeric keypad now works in Chrome (14.0.836.0) and Firefox (5.0). In Opera (11.50.1074) the numeric keypad doesn't work. The numeric typewriter keys still don't work in any of these browsers.

The game might be too difficult. Many players won't be able to do these instant multiplications while maneuvering the ship. Maybe the first number should never be higher than 4. Or, if it is, the last number could end with a zero (or be even).

By the way, if I'm not mistaken, the first astronauts were trained to do perform in high-stress situations and had to do these kind of multiplications after lack of sleep and such...

1 decade ago by TObe

Norbert, I didn't make ny changes recently. Maybe I'm gonna reduce the difficult of the multiplications as you suggest.
I'm gonna add the numeric typewriter keys, sound effects, more explosions, simpler multiplications, maybe some items...

Thanks for have a look at my game.

1 decade ago by Norbert

You have a lot of plans for the game. :) Is edge detection done with rectangular images? Every now and then I die even though the ship itself doesn't touch anything, it seems. Here is an example ( mirror ).

1 decade ago by TObe

woah Woah Woah! that's weird! maybe I need to adjust the offset of the ship or maybe there are some invisible collision box.

1 decade ago by TObe

I made some changes based on feedback:

-The multiplications are now easier
-You can now shoot with SPACE or C
-The Goombooms now explode (the goomboom are those guys with the bombs)
-You can enter the answer with the typewriter num. keys. Yay! now you can play on your laptop <-this also solved the problem with Opera
-When you run out of ammo there is a warning at the middle of the screen that indicates that there is no ammo

Coming soon:

-Sound effects
-Visual effects (more explosions)
-A tutorial level and also more levels

1 decade ago by fugufish

NICE! looking forward to the new version!
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