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Slideshow platform game

 by Yamago
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1 decade ago by Yamago

We are a company usually working with Flash, but we decided to give HTML5 a try, and made this platform game for our new website using Impact.

It is a kind of interactive slideshow that presents our projects:
* You can run and jump through pictures of a few of our released games
* You can play as 3 different characters in 3 different environments (it switches when you get to the end of a "level")
* You can collect tokens to earn points

No real goal here, it goes on as long as you play. It was our first project using Impact, and it's more a technical demo than a game, but feel free to give it a try!

1 decade ago by Yamago

An additional precision: the game runs on Android (2.4 and up), iOS (5.0 and up) and Desktop!

1 decade ago by vincentpiel

it is advertising, not a game.

1 decade ago by Jackolantern

I don't see anything wrong with making kind of a meta game that shows off your other games. I actually think it is an interesting idea.

And your company has some nice licenses, by the way!

1 decade ago by eLouai

I dont know if the game has sound fx or music, but I could hear none of that.
Running Chrome on a mac, also tried it out on safari
When the demo restarts (once I reach the end) impact hangs on loading 3/4's full bar full. Javascript console shows no error messages.

1 decade ago by Joncom

Cool idea. Nice animations.
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