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Star Boy

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1 decade ago by tkorkalainen

Hi all!

Here's a video preview of the platform game I've been working on. Sorry for not providing a playable version yet :-(

1 decade ago by tkorkalainen

Damn, I should get a grip on myself and finish this project! Anyways, here's a preview:

(use arrows for controlling the player and page up/down for skipping levels).

PS. I have used only Chrome for development so I cannot guarantee it will work with other browsers.

1 decade ago by Joncom

I like the graphical style.

1 decade ago by tkorkalainen

Star Boy is now temporarily free for iOS:

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

I liked the game play. Graphics and music are also matching very well. When playing on pc, the overlay move buttons are not necessary. Also it'd be good to see a ticking clock and the target time to get 3 stars.

1 decade ago by tkorkalainen

Thanks for the comment, dungeonmaster. At some point I had the ticking clock but I don't remember anymore why I decided to remove it. I think I'll let Star Boy be as it is and focus on the next project :)
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