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1 decade ago by nukemdukem

Hey Everyone,

I just got Starcraft 2 HEART OF THE SWARM!!! I am showing you my walkthrough to help you decide if this game is right for you.

1 decade ago by Megalodactyl

I'm so jelly, I got digital, I have to wait another 55 minutes ._.

1 decade ago by Graphikos

HotS was made in Impact?

1 decade ago by Ardivaba

Guys, stop being so naive.
That post has absolutely nothing to do with Impact.

This guy, nukemdukem has only one post, and that post lies in Games section and writes about Starcraft 2.

Obviously Starcraft 2 : HOTS, isn't created using Impact.

It is a spam bot that is trying to promote it's creators yoututube channel (in the hopes of getting ads revenue in the future from youtube).
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