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1 decade ago in Mutant Zombie Monsters:

Send me email with your Facebook, Skype or IRC channel where you idle a lot. W…

1 decade ago in Favourite editor for Impactjs:

Notepad++ everywhere.

1 decade ago in Mutant Zombie Monsters:

Multiplayer coop would be awesome. If you're interested in teaming up, fee…

1 decade ago in Gravity:

Level two is too hard. I am wasted right now so my opinion might be "obes…

1 decade ago in The Labyrinth:

This game could benefit so much from Box2D.

1 decade ago in TapWave:

Great game is great.

1 decade ago in 50% on impactjs, 40-50% on Jesse Freeman's book announced:

Just because the price dropped 50% doesn't mean it's not worth the or…

1 decade ago in how can i reposition an entity after placing it in weltmeister?:

Are these Box2D entities? I had similar problem and you can fix that by setting…

1 decade ago in Adjusting pixel size of game map:

Answering the question directly, if you didn't read that out from netmutes…

1 decade ago in Impact 2.0 release date?:

I take ImpactJS as Framework, not full-blown game engine. I see no obvious r…

1 decade ago in "Frozen renderer" bug? Firefox/Parallels (WinXP), suddenly started happening:

Browser issues most likely?

1 decade ago in Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Gameplay Review:

Guys, stop being so naive. That post has absolutely nothing to do with Impact.…