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10 years ago by rizm

Ok, this is a n00ber of a question:

How can I adjust the game map size (dimensions). Currently, weltmeister defaults to 1024x512 - I cant find where I can adjust this. I need a slightly larger map for my game - about 1600x1024

Can anyone help? I've trawled the code and the forums but to no avail...


10 years ago by netmute

I'm not really sure that I understand what your question is.

Weltmeisters default configuration is 30x20 tiles at 8px tile-size. Which results in a default map-size of 240x160 pixels. If you want to change that, you can do so relatively easy within Weltmeister.

Were did you get the 1024x512 from?

10 years ago by Ardivaba

Answering the question directly, if you didn't read that out from netmutes answer.
There is no map size variable in weltmeister.

End mapsize comes from tilemap width height and tile size.

Eg, if your map has 4 tiles and each tile is 10 by 10 pixels, then your map size is 40 by 40 pixels.

10 years ago by rizm

Ok first off thank you for those replies, they both make perfect sense

Secondly, apologies for being a dunce - I got the 1024x512 from
Weltmeister's x and y axis numbering. I missed that the size of the map is a multiple of the tile size.

Thirdly, it's patient forum members like yourselves that make impact so enjoyable to use!

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