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1 decade ago by BFresh

Well, I've uploaded my first cut at a game! It's a little side scrolling zombie shooter. I'm still optimizing it to run well enough on mobiles but I'm getting decent enough results for an initial version. Let me know what you think! There is currently 10 levels with 12 different enemy types that attack you in a few different ways. Also some environmental dangers and entities such as platforms/bouncers here and there. All to a cheesy plot as any zombie story needs to be!

1 decade ago by dominic

Awesome game!

Some sounds (for the desktop version) would be nice and the controls for the mobile version need some getting used to, but I love the style and the gritty atmosphere.

Definitely one of the best games made with the engine yet! Thanks for putting the Impact logo on your site :)

1 decade ago by BFresh

Thank you very much! It's been making to help me learn. I plan to keep working on it unless I come up with a new game idea or maybe start a higher res game (I love the 8 bit look and kept the resolution low so I could learn quicker without all the artwork time as well as to try to keep it playable on mobile devices)

I definitely plan to add some audio to the desktop version since I used to do quite a bit with sound on the computer and look forward to having fun with that. I agree that the mobile version's touch buttons may be a bit weird and might not be in the best layout and I might keep playing with that. Unfortunately I have no iOS devices myself and have an Android phone (the game runs great but no multi-touch...) so testing is going slow...

1 decade ago by Ken

Awesome game! Great job.

1 decade ago by Hareesun

That's pretty radical. Great work. :)

1 decade ago by BFresh

Thanks for the feedback! The biggest thing I am getting criticism with is the layout of th touch buttons when playing mobile. I want to reposition them but don't know the best layout. I have 6 player action buttons (left, right, jump, duck, shoot bullets, & shoot scythes) and two buttons that don't need to be pressed much (go to homescreen, and pause). It ends up being a lot to cram on a touch screen, any good ideas or proven layouts you guys have had? I am used to what I have now except ducking and shooting the gun is tough or jumping and throwing the scythe is tough being on the same hand...

1 decade ago by MikeL

Nice work BFresh! I like it. Reminds me of one of my all-time favorite arcade games Ghosts 'n Goblins. Unfortunately for me, it doesn't seem to work at all on my iPhone 4 :(
(I am able to see the button icons which look great, the game just doesn't start.)

As for the multiple buttons, maybe you could make it so that pause takes you to the home screen - with a way to get back to the game of course. Also you could have a button that toggles the weapon right over where the arrow keys are. This way you would have just a single larger fire button on the top right and nothing else. A player couldn't use both the scythe and gun at once, but I don't think its necessary and could also allow you to expand to more weapons easily if you wanted to.

If you haven't done so already, consider loading your game onto Ken's tapjs site. It makes it super easy to log in players, track high scores, integrate with Facebook, etc.

1 decade ago by BFresh

Nice idea on the weapon toggling, I may have to look into doing that! I also got a beta for tapjs and if I ever have enough time, I'm going to start doing that. I already made a quick and dirt FB app myself which is only the game with no extra features - I'd like online highscores, etc. Also, this may not be the best place to talk about monetizing games but I saw FB no longer accepts Google Adsense inside FB apps, which is kinda my online 'bread and butter'. I looked at their approved list of advertisers that just came out and have yet to be approved or get on board with any...

Strange that the game doesn't work on an Iphone 4, it seems to work well on the 3rd gen stuff. Unfortunately I haven't had a physical i-phone 4 in hand to test with yet and emulators seem to show it displayed ok. I have a 4th gen i-pod touch on the way which I believe has the higher res screen so I am hoping that will help me debug the 'higher res' iOS devices.

1 decade ago by wavyGravy

This game inspired me to get the license. Now that I know I can play browser games Opera, I've been playing every HTML5 game I could find. Keep up the good work!

1 decade ago by BFresh

Thank you very much, glad you like it!

1 decade ago by BFresh

Ive decided to make a 2nd Mutant Zombie Monsters which will have better resolution and artwork, feel free to post anything u dont like so I can change it in the 2nd version. This one will be much easier to play on mobles

1 decade ago by Ardivaba

Multiplayer coop would be awesome. If you're interested in teaming up, feel free to let me know, i love writing netcode.

1 decade ago by BFresh

Multiplayer would be cool and is something I have no clue on how to do. Let me get a basic going and then we can go from there!

1 decade ago by Ardivaba

Send me email with your Facebook, Skype or IRC channel where you idle a lot.
We can just talk about implementing netcode and stuff and see if our teamwork would be viable.

Also golden rule with multiplayer stuff is that it's always good to design your code with multiplayer intentions in mind if you're going to support multiplayer.

No need to hurry though. Multiplayer would, indeed be very cool.
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