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1 decade ago by boomshanka

...and I just bought both items 4 days earlier - full price. I can't help but feeling a bit ripped off. Was this announced somewhere outside

1 decade ago by stillen

The same thing happened to me, and I was even talking to Dominic via email asking him questions before purchasing it.

Nothing was mentioned of a discount.

Then 3 days later it's half price.

1 decade ago by taddeimania

dom has always offered a 30 day refund if you aren't satisfied with the engine but you've got to contact him about it.

nothing to stop you from turning around and buying it again if you really feel like being a dork and gaming the system.

My question to you is would you feel as slighted had the sale came about 3 months from now?

1 decade ago by stillen

Personally I wouldn't have cared if I just came to the site last week and bought it, but what bothered me was that I had been talking to Dom for about 2 weeks via email and checking out impact, but nothing was mentioned about the sale.

I'm not gonna make a big deal about it or say anything, but since it was mentioned,

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Sales happen. I'm sure Dominic wasn't planning this for weeks or even days ahead of time. Probably just decided out of nowhere... hey... let's have a sale. ;)

1 decade ago by boomshanka

I guess I'll just have to charge a higher rate for all the games I develop using impact :-)

1 decade ago by maluslupus

not had it long, got the book too but its well worth asking price! I've forwarded this to a work mate who was interested maybe now this will persuade him!

1 decade ago by Ardivaba

Just because the price dropped 50% doesn't mean it's not worth the original price. Hell, it's worth even double the original price. You made good investment anyways.

1 decade ago by garyk1968

Discounts happen all the time, sales, offers its just part of life. If you rue/wait for deals you won't ever buy, Just one of those things.
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