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 by Graphikos
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1 decade ago by Graphikos

TapWave is now available on the iOS App Store! This is my "LightWave" game which got renamed to be unique on the App Store. Check it out! It's Free and it's a much better experience on a iPhone or iPad.

1 decade ago by Ardivaba

Great game is great.

1 decade ago by MyFault

Really enjoyed it, felt very polished. Congrats on releasing.

1 decade ago by FilipeBarros


I'm getting started with HTML5 mobile game development and really need to know if it's feasible for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. I see your game in my browser and my iPhone, really impressive! So i wanna know, both versions, Web and iOS are HTML5? The Apple Store publication was using Ejecta?

Thanks! and nice game :)

1 decade ago by Graphikos

Indeed, Web and iOS, same game, same code... Ejecta was used to package it for iOS.

1 decade ago by FilipeBarros

Thanks for reply! Great game :)

Impact JS in your option is easy to understand? like JS beginners? I understand a little bit about JS. But learn faster. I'm thinking to buy Impact JS and get start learn creating a new game.

Take care, nice job :)
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