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9 years ago by smj93

Staroids is a similar to the classic game Asteroids.

The purpose of the game is to shoot all the boulders as quick as possible. Once all the boulders have been destroyed the next wave will start, each wave spawns additional 20 boulders to the previous wave.

The score is calculated depending on how many boulders have been destroyed and how long the user has taken. The score is then added to a leaderboard to allow players to compete with each other.

I plan on making it multiplayer using and node.js in the near future allowing players to help each other to shoot the boulders and fight against each other.

I hope you enjoy the game and any feedback would be great!

9 years ago by mimik

i held down spacebar and rotated my mouse = victory on all levels

9 years ago by wands

Strategy is simple, just stay still, then rotate the ship and hold down space. Win! Easy game. Thanks for show casing!

9 years ago by nuktas

Cool game - but it probably needs a bit of balancing, since the only way to stay alive is to hold down spacebar and spin. Maybe set a larger cooldown on the attack and instead spawn fewer asteroids so the player should be more careful about aiming?

9 years ago by smj93

Cheers for the feedback guys, I will make some changes in the near future when I am free. I will post here when I have made the updates!

9 years ago by smj93

Sorry for the delay, here is a new version with a set amount of bullets and I have increased the speed of the space ship. I plan to add boxes now which will randomly appear at each wave which will contain ammo, shields etc.

Any feedback / ideas?

Cheers, Stu

9 years ago by dungeonmaster

Asteroids are way too fast, it's not possible to aim.

Also bullet fire rate is way too high => I got to wave 5 just by pressing space constantly and drawing circles with the mouse.

Also the point-and-click type motion feels a little bit unnatural for this type of game.

The good part: It's a finished game, with a start screen, game and a score screen. Congrats! Not everybody could finish a game. (me included).

9 years ago by paleozoic

It's incredibly hard to make a game and play it the right way and anticipate the very easy ways people will beat it by not playing by your rules. And like other posters mentioned. You finished it!! I think it's pretty great.

9 years ago by smj93

Thanks! I have just reset all the scores, due to the old version being much easier.

I was thinking of giving the user just 100 bullets each wave then putting ammo around the map (to make the user move).

I tried making the boulders slower, but it made the game too easy as the user could easily move out the way.

Any other feedback for the game?

Cheers, Stu
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