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 by Apiheld
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1 decade ago by Apiheld

My dear fellow game developers, I just finished my first game with Impact.js.

Tetris – An Impact.js Game

I know, Tetris is a bit old-school, but it is a good exercise to get started and I was a bit surprised that it requires a good amount of polishing to feel right. And that's what I've done.

Please give it a try. I caught myself more than once just playing "one more round" while I was debugging a little element. Tetris is engaging, Tetris works.

I also spent a good amount of time to write down the stuff I learned and some aspects of game programming in a tutorial. This is targeted towards beginners.

Also, I released the source code.

Tutorial: Tetris with Impact.js

Source code on GitHub

Let me know what you think.

1 decade ago by dungeonmaster

Nothing beats a good old tetris session. Just made my way into the scoreboard. I'm proud :)

Very nice execution. Feels professional and solid. Great job!

By the way, the hall of fame directly on the same screen is a good idea. Why haven't anybody made a tetris version of candy crush?

1 decade ago by Apiheld

Heh, I saw your name in the scoreboard before I checked the forums :) glad you like it and thanks for playing.

Tetris version of Candy Crush in what sense? I guess you don't mean the graphics only, but the game mechanics, like different candies that explode in different ways?

1 decade ago by Mash

Nice! Loving the sound effect when you get a line. And the music style.

It would be perfect if you had a key for instant drop (space?).

Good job =)

1 decade ago by Apiheld

Quote from Mash
It would be perfect if you had a key for instant drop (space?).

Good job =)

Thank you. This actually leads to an interesting and quite fundamental question:

Say, you implemented ONLY instant drop, you couldn't go down fast and then still being able to push a piece into an open space to the left or right. You'd have to wait for the auto-drop to bring it down. This is not an option in my eyes – or at least doesn't reflect my personal playing style.

If you implemted an extra key for instant drop, it could work, however, it comes at a cost: You now have two keys to do almost the same thing. This bears cognitive load and makes the game more complex.

Same for introducing something like a double-tap DOWN in order to instant drop. This can result in unwanted behavior, because players sometimes press DOWN twice, for various reasons.

Anyways, I will actually go ahead and try your suggestion, but it is not as easy as implementing a feature X. It always has consequences on the rest of the game :)

Let me use this thread for a book recommendation: Designing Games by Tynan Sylvester:

This book is not about programming, but about aspects of games that I found quite insightful.
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