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1 decade ago by ajhager


The game needs a lot of work, including a new name, but it is to a point where the main mechanics are in.

Right now there is just a single simple level and no tutorial. See if you can figure it out with these instructions:

You play the toad looking creature. It can move 1 or 2 spaces by clicking, pulling back, and letting go. It can use its tongue to eat flies or pick up boxes by double clicking up to 4 spaces away. It can spit by doing the same with a box in its mouth.

Eating a fly will add spaces to all toad actions for a couple of turns (still tweaking this.)

There are red, blue, and green blocks that are either down (floor) or up (wall). Jumping on a trigger will toggle the walls of that color up and down. Spitting a block onto them will do the same.

The toad can not jump over a wall, but can spit boxes over (or on top) of them. It can also get on top of walls with clever use of the boxes/triggers.

Avoid the spike traps and try to get to the white-black checkered exit.

If you get stuck, click the restart button in the top right corner.

I think all of that will be easier to digest with some tutorial levels. I will update here as I make more progress.

Thanks for checking it out!

1 decade ago by Arantor

I like it :) It's a little bit confusing to start with (since I missed the underlying objective of 'get to the checkered exit'

One thing I did notice, if you end up on the very outside squares you can't jump back in again because the mouse motion requires you to go outside the boundary of the square you clicked - which means you get up trying to drag outside the canvas.

1 decade ago by Chmood

Very cool. The concept fits well the touch devices abilities.

It took me some time to figure out how to eat the fly, and i'd like the "frog" makes a jump when it moves also !

I (briefly) saw you included a real bitmap during the loading screen, looks nice.

Opting for a puzzle game seems the smartest way to have a game finished ^^

Best luck !

1 decade ago by ajhager

Thanks for the feedback!

I have made the play field a little bit smaller so you can move the toad even at the edges. I have also added a lot of animations and visual clues to differentiate objects in the air or on top of walls. Hopefully moving looks more like a hop and less like a slide now.

I've also added a crude main menu that feeds in from the loading screen.

Thanks again.

1 decade ago by alexandre

Love the mechanics and style. Game is a bit frustrating to play because it's not clear how one can eat the fly nor actually land on the exit marker. But your welcome screen would probably show a visual how-to and the frustrations would go away.

1 decade ago by drailing

i cant start it :-(

console says

invalid decrement operand
...r.EaseOut=function(k){return Math.sqrt(1---k*k);};ig.Tween.Easing.Circular.EaseI...

windows 7, FF 9.0.1

edit: in chrome its working

1 decade ago by ajhager

alexandre: I am working on a series of levels now that will teach each of the mechanics as you go. Thanks for the feedback. Some times you get so close to your game that you need someone with fresh eyes to look at it.

drailing: Yeah, there seems to be a problem with the baking process where "1 - --k" turns into "1---k". Hopefully this should be fixed in my new upload.

I added a couple of place holder sounds to get that testing. I only included ogg files for now, so I'm not sure which browsers it will work in yet. Also, the new name has become "8bit ribbit", which I've become pretty fond of.

1 decade ago by Arantor

Yeah, there seems to be a problem with the baking process where "1 - --k" turns into "1---k". Hopefully this should be fixed in my new upload.

Yeah, that's something I've seen in JSMin and other minification libraries, because they're not designed to cope with something like a subtraction and a decrement in the same operation, however rewriting it to 1-(--k) should fix it.

1 decade ago by ajhager

Arantor: Indeed, that seems to have fixed it. If anyone else gets any errors, please let me know.

I have added a level select screen with a few simple tutorial levels. They still need work, but I hope it helps getting things started.

1 decade ago by Jerczu

Great idea!

1 decade ago by alexandre

Tutorials do the job. Compelling game. Might be a better fit for mobile platforms if vertically oriented, with starting position at screen bottom.
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