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 by bartosz
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1 decade ago by bartosz


Small platformer/adventure game. Game isn't finished but im working on it.

5 levels + 1 level Boss;
4 spells (all spells cost mana);

A , Left Arrow or D ,Right Arrow- move
W , Up Arrow - jump

Mouse - move cursor+left button to cast spell
S , Down Arrow - change spell
P - pause, manu

Please! remember to leave feedback :)

1 decade ago by vincentpiel

Hi, there's quite some things working allready.
- difficulty is rising too fast. Especially because of the spider, the first level shows no danger when the second one requires allready much attention.
- maybe a less 'naive', more dark sky would be nicer.
- the magic doesn't feel magic yet, because of the look of the spell, and also because monsters seems to be hit -like by a stone- and not by magic.
- too much mana bonuses (and have bonuses auto-picked).
- i prefer right/left/up to a/d/w (especially with french keyboard...)
Add a short narrative to it, and you have a cute game, with a interesting level design, various monsters, and even a store !
Well done so far, keep us updated when you reached another step !

1 decade ago by therefacken

Pretty Good, Man!

1 decade ago by Joncom

Did you do the graphics yourself?
The fire and bat animations were really nice. :)

1 decade ago by zachstronaut

The sprite animations are excellent. The gameplay is very solid, too. Those damned spiders are EVIL! You should see if somebody would be willing to help you out with sound and music.

I really enjoyed this game, and I think it is charming. Throw in a story or some sort of replayable goals, and I think I'd be back for more quite often.

1 decade ago by paleozoic

Pretty great! I'd love to see you push it further.

1 decade ago by bartosz

Quote from Joncom
Did you do the graphics yourself?
The fire and bat animations were really nice. :)

Sorry for late response. Yes, I Made it myself but it cost a lot of time. Im not graphic artist :D
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