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1 decade ago by BlackDolphinMedia

hy there we got serveral levels for some dungens where we need a collision layer switch to example

collisionlayer 1 for the lower part of the dungen and collisionlayer 2 for the top part of the dungen

example :

blue is top green is bottom

issue : bridge currently got a collision on the edge .. it cant jump down ! but .. with just 1 collision layer you cant walk under the bridge ..

if we could switch the current layer with to example an entitie as trigger .. on the lather .. that would be great ..

open for any ideas !


1 decade ago by BlackDolphinMedia

figured it ! thanks

1 decade ago by Kxen

How did you solve it?

1 decade ago by bobdabuilda

Bump! Anyone have a way to solve this? I'm curious to know
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