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1 decade ago by Gamma

I want to ask a question about Local Hosts. You see, I was working on my game today, and I noticed that I left my WAMP online. Can people anonymously wander into my local host? Or am I the person who controls who and who cannot see things in my local host?

1 decade ago by Nico

No. Not unless you're on the same network with web sharing enabled.

Your eyes only unless you push it to the web.

1 decade ago by Gamma

Basically, no one can see it unless I hand them the IP, correct? Well if that's the case, than I'm content now. Thank you for the assistance.

1 decade ago by Joncom

Even if you handed somebody your IP address, they most likely would not be able to access your server until you open the correct ports in your router. This is a good thing :)
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