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1 decade ago by Heartless49

For a top-down game, in the style of classic Zelda: A Link to the Past, or classic Final Fantasy 4, 5 or 6... what would be a batter way to go about this.

Performance-wise, would it be be better to have a layer NOT pre-rendered, JUST for animated water?

I was thinking of a simple alternative by using 2-3 pre rendered layers, each with a different distance value, that each have a different, slightly transparent, water tile repeated endlessly, underneath of the other layers.

This would give the illusion that the water is 'shifting' or moving without the cost-in-performance by animating tiles on the layers. Obviously, wherever water would be shown, the 'ground' tiles would just not be placed, that way it shows the water layers that are underneath of it.

I know that the downsides to this would be that the water would only 'appear' to be animated while the player is in motion, but there are multiple ways to simulate that effect even while the player is idle... You could even just have the layers constantly be 'moving' with an offset value that cycles from 0-tileSize and back to 0 constantly... I'm just wondering if anyone's thought about this, or tried it so I know if it's a waste of time, or if this is a new breakthrough, lol.

1 decade ago by Joncom

What kind of performance issues do you have so far, and what are you developing for? Must your game run on mobile devices?

If not, almost all PC's theses days don't have much trouble handling a non-pre-rendered animation layer.

1 decade ago by Heartless49

Well I'm hoping to, after initial release and a moderate playerbase has been obtained, release a mobile version. Initial release will just be for web.

The reason I'm asking is just because I've been testing the game on multiple computers of varying speeds/systems/hardware specs and have been noticing a moderate drop in fps on my older laptop. Nothing too severe but still noticeable if you've played it on another computer.

I'm also wondering because I'm curious if rendering multiple layers and moving them constantly would be more efficient than animating a few (30-50) animated tiles.
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