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1 decade ago by Yu

Why I don't see the auto-complete shown in the Pong video tutorial when using Espresso?

1 decade ago by dominic

I have never worked with Espresso. Providing an auto-complete feature for JavaScript is fairly difficult, because it's such a dynamic language.

Large parts of Komodo Edit (the editor I use in the tutorial videos) are written in JavaScript itself, so it's not surprising that it (at least somewhat) works there.

1 decade ago by techmale

If you are looking for a good Javascript IDE, then you have a lot of testing ahead of you, as they update so regularly that any old posts are mostly irelevant.

However, to add my 2 cents worth....

I have been programming JS commercially for a number of years, so I remember when it came out, and in all that time I have only found 2 IDEs worth talking about.

1. Intellij IDEA, or now, the cut down WebStorm or PHPStorm, both include supperb dynamic JS autocompletion and syntax highlighting. However these are commercial projcets, but in my estimation, very much worth the $40 or $110 they ask for. (FYI: there is a free trial version lasting a month)

2. Netbeans, I only started testing this recently and I am impressed. My testing has been limited to only a few days full time work, but it is easily the best Open Source / free JS IDE I have come across.

To sum up:
Netbeans if you want it for free,
WebStorm if you are willing to pay a few dollars more (it is worth it)

1 decade ago by Yu

Thank you so much techmale, will give it a try!

1 decade ago by fugufish

i do all my programming with TextMate. It's pretty awesome.
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